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For wunderwerk, sustainability means

To think and act long-term beyond the current usefulness and to “live” this attitude with responsibility for the future. For wunderwerk, social responsibility, economic efficiency and the protection of the natural environment are inseparable. “Today's trend is increasingly towards eco and sustainable fashion. In the future there will only be sustainable fashion and e.g. Wunderwerk would like organic cotton to be taken for granted.

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Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is also known as “Corporate Social Responsibility”, or CSR for short. CSR is understood to mean that social issues are included in business decisions. For wunderwerk, this means that corporate actions are also considered from a social and ecological point of view and that goes beyond the company's own operations, through the producers and suppliers to raw material extraction.

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no toxic chemicals

exclusively resource-saving and environmentally friendly

water-saving jeans production

extremely low energy and water consumption between 0.70 and 10L per pair of jeans

sustainable materials

exclusively resource-saving and environmentally friendly

Made in EU Focus

approx. 85% of the production facilities are located in EU Europe

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I love wearing clothes that compliment my curves. The high waist cut of my denim culotte has a great fit to my waist and the perfect length for summer.
Collien, my love, I´m never gonna take you off again 😍😍
I love this ! Your content and message is so inspiring! Keep it up!
The most important task of humanity is suistanable consumption and nature protection. I support the same cause. Be sustainable! 😊
So simple yet so perfect.
How could we panic- seeing all your beautiful clothing 😊
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Free and uncomplicated returns

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