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wunderwerk jackets and coats

Contemporary looks meet highest sustainability standards.

High quality. Classy. Sustainable. wunderwerk women's jackets offer contemporary looks for every season. Classic denim jackets made of organic cotton (certified organic) or elegant trench coats made of silky and soft wunderwerk TENCEL ™, obtained from the eucalyptus plant, are particularly suitable for the cooler days. Sustainable winter coats made of high-quality merino wool produced in Europe - certified as kbT (controlled organic animal husbandry) - are great for ice-cold winter days. Our silk kimonos and long vests made from 100% virgin wool (organic) are perfect for those who like a more extravagant look.


Your styling sets the tone.

Whether casual or classy, trendy women's jackets and coats from wunderwerk always give a high-quality finish and convince with long-lasting fits. Therefore, they can easily be worn for more than a couple of winter seasons. Our cool and classic denim jackets can be combined with wunderwerk organic jeans to create a trendy "all denim" look. For the office, our classic blazers made of 100% organic wool (certified organic) are a great fit. Combined with wunderwerk wool trousers they reveal a classy business style. The eco blazer can look elegant or, combined with our wunderwerk jeans, appear more casual and "dressed down". The high-quality bio jackets, blazers and coats can be worn closed or open – and with wunderwerk sweatshirts or T-shirts worn underneath, a perfectly casual yet versatile look.

Ecological and fair jackets and blazers

Highest respect for environment, animals, and mankind.

Products for a clear conscience. wunderwerk has specialized in a purely ecological and fair production for years. The team combines these high standards with contemporary and trendy looks. The organic cotton we use grows without environmentally harmful synthetic pesticides and fertilizers and is therefore certified as „kbA“, controlled organic cultivation. Our organic new wool is "kbT" certified, from controlled organic animal husbandry and spun in Germany. The sustainable wunderwerk jackets and coats measure themselves against the highest sustainability standards and offer contemporary looks at the same time. In our online shop you can order your sustainable jacket for women.

Don’t Panic – it’s organic.


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