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Organic T-shirts for men

T-Shirts can really be found in every wardrobe - at wunderwerk they are made of high-quality, ecological materials. Organic T-shirts are an indispensable fair fashion basics that can be combined to create a wide variety of looks.

Sustainable T-Shirts

Basic or layering.

A short-sleeved T-shirt from wunderwerk made of breathable, organic fabrics such as pure organic cotton (kbA) or fine Modal is not only comfortable to wear when its hot, but also practical and easy and stylish. Fashionable jeans made from sustainably produced denim, combined with a simple T-shirt and matching accessories such as sunglasses, are enough to create a cool, urban look for spring. The outfit looks just as casual with cargo shorts made from 100% organic cotton for the hotter summer days. As the perfect all-rounder, organic T-shirts for men are indispensable not only in the warmer months, but all year round. When the temperatures drop in autumn, henley T-shirts with long sleeves are the ideal solution for spring and fall. In winter, our eco shirts made from a skin-friendly, organic material mix under sweatshirts made from 100% GOTS-certified new wool (kbT) provide an extra cozy feeling.

Casual and Business

Organic T-shirts are versatile.

The sustainably and fair produced T-shirts from wunderwerk are a great choice for every occasion. With a wide-cut T-shirt made of 100% organic cotton (kbA) in combination with airy trousers made of soft lyocell (TENCEL ©), you can make yourself comfortable at home. A T-shirt with a subtle V-neck is perfect for an evening in a new trendy bar. Combined with our resource-conserving 5-pocket jeans in a tight-fitting cut you are set to go. Organic long-sleeves with a trendy vintage wash and fashionable chinos can be turned into a casual but stylish outfit on your day off. Despite their simplicity, the eco-friendly produced T-shirts for men are by no means only suitable for everyday looks. If you like it a little more elegant or are looking for an alternative to the classic white shirt for a special occasion, you can combine the fair fashion T-shirts from wunderwerk with chic suit trousers made of fine wool (organic). Under an elegant blazer made of 100% organic wool or a noble cardigan made of 100% cashmere (certified organic animal husbandry) the basics are perfectly suitable for business and make a great outfit for the office.

wunderwerk's philosophy

Fashion and fairness.

With the monochrome, sustainable shirts from wunderwerk you can create a basis for every look or bring some calm to a more exciting style. Our sustainably produced T-shirts with meaningful prints, on the other hand, make statements for fair, organic fashion and address ethical issues such as the protection of species and the environment. Our eco-friendly T-shirts from the Donation Edition, such as the Refugee Tees made of soft organic cotton (kbA), support social projects. In our online shop you can conveniently order your selection of eco-friendly T-shirts for men.


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