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wunderwerk: our denim for women

Thanks to their enormous variety of colours, lengths and cuts, jeans have become an integral part of every wardrobe. Organic Jeans are the all-round talent, that can be combined with almost any style, whether casual, vintage, washed out or raw. Depending on the wash, jeans can be presentable even in a sophisticated setting. Because we believe that the future of denim is sustainable and fair, wunderwerk chose to produce organic denim. All cotton used for our sustainable jeans is certified organic. wunderwerk mostly uses natural materials that do not require chemical treatments such as chlorine or optical brighteners. Therefore, our organic jeans for women are not only trendy but also eco-friendly.

The manufacturing of our organic jeans

wunderwerk uncompromisingly sets new standards in terms of water and energy consumption, especially when it comes to organic denim. While the conventional manufacture of jeans consumes around 40 to 160 liters of water for one wash, wunderwerk jeans consume between 0.7 and 10 liters, without contaminating the water with toxic chemicals such as chlorine or potassium permanganate – The result is chemical-free denim. This is a very important aspect for us, since only the consideration of the production chain as a whole leads to a sustainable product - organic cotton alone is not enough, hence our slogan "more than organic“. Accordingly, wunderwerk is one of the leading brands for sustainable denim.

All about sustainable denim

Vielseitig und in verschiedenen Passformen, ist für jeden die richtige Jeans dabei.

Versatile and in different fits – there is the right, organic jeans for everyone. In addition to authentic, heavy denim fabrics of 12 ½ ounces average weights, wunderwerk also uses light, extremely supple TENCEL denim qualities. They stand out due to their wearing properties and soft feel. This extremely soft and hard-wearing denim is sourced within Europe and developed together with our fabric suppliers. Products made from these fabrics are elegant and light, such as our TENCEL denim shirt dresses or our men's TENCEL denim shirt. Our sustainable jeans for women are available in many different styles: Josy, Audrey, Collien Carrot, Amber Slim, Amber Bootcut, Amber Cut-off, Culotte, Grace and Rigid Kate. Our fits are just as versatile: slim, skinny, high-waist, low-waist, cropped, mom-fit, carrot, culotte and wide-leg long or shortened. The innovative production process of wunderwerk makes it one of the leading sustainable jeans brands in Europe.

Ethical denim – versatile and fair

The high standards that wunderwerk places on itself go beyond the pure endeavor to offer attractive fashion for women and men. The ecological and social responsibility of the company is especially important to wunderwerk. Fair fashion is a natural aspiration because sustainability is the core philosophy of the fashion label. A resource- and environmentally friendly, EU-based production with humane working conditions and the avoidance of animal suffering are also a matter of course for wunderwerk. Raw materials from controlled organic cultivation (kbA) and controlled organic animal farming (kbT) as well as particularly sustainably, eco-friendly produced fibers form the basis of every green wunderwerk product. The company and many products are certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Petroleum-based plastics are avoided as far as possible, this also applies f. e.g. to recycled polyester so that “plastics” do not end up in the circulation of clothing. With this approach, the label not only achieves high quality and durability of their products, but also proves that fashion can be ecological and modern at the same time. This is reflected in our slogan "more than organic“. wunderwerk is providing ethical jeans with utmost respect for nature and animals. In our online shop you can order your new, modern bio jeans for women.

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