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Organic jeans for men

Thanks to their large variety of colours, lengths and cuts, jeans have become an integral part of every wardrobe. Whether casual, vintage, washed out or raw, organic jeans are a versatile talent that can be combined with almost any style. Depending on the washing they can also be worn in a sophisticated setting. wunderwerk jeans are made from certified organic cotton (kbA). In addition, we mostly use natural materials for our sustainable jeans that do not require chemical treatments with toxic chemicals such as chlorine or optical brighteners.

Conscious production of our sustainable jeans

In the conventional manufacturing of jeans, around 40 to 160 liters of water are used for one wash. With wunderwerk jeans the consumption is between 0.7 and 10 liters - without contamination of the water through chemicals such as chlorine or potassium permanganate. Without compromise wunderwerk sets new standards in terms of water and energy consumption - especially with its eco jeans. And here is why: Only the entire consideration of the production chain leads to a sustainable product. Organic cotton alone is not enough. Hence our slogan "more than organic."

All about (organic) denim

Versatile styles and different fits - there is the right jeans for everyone. In addition to authentic, heavy denim fabrics of 12 ½ ounces and average weights typical to the market, wunderwerk complements light, extremely supple TENCEL denim qualities. These stand out because of their comfortable wearing properties and the soft feel. Our extremely soft and durable denim made of organic cotton and TENCEL is sourced within Europe. Together with our fabric suppliers, it is developed using innovative technologies. The products made from these fabrics are elegant and light, just like our TENCEL denim shirt dresses and our men's TENCEL denim shirt.

Our organic jeans are available in many different styles: Phil denim, Phil selvedge, Phil color denim, Reed relaxed high flex, Steve slim overdye high flex, Steve slim high flex and Jeff joggin flex. Our fits are just as versatile: slim, straight, high-waist and relaxed.

Organic Denim, versatile and fair

Cool, bio, fair. wunderwerk’s endeavor to offer attractive fashion for women and men is complemented by its ecological and social mission. Sustainability is the core philosophy of the fashion label and for wunderwerk fair fashion is a natural aspiration. Just like an environmentally friendly, EU-based production with decent working conditions and the avoidance of animal suffering. The resource-saving production of its sustainable organic jeans is an essential component of the label's philosophy. The basis of every wunderwerk product are raw materials from controlled organic cultivation (kbA) and controlled organic animal husbandry (kbT) as well as especially sustainably produced fibers. The wunderwerk company and many products are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). With its mission, the label not only achieves high quality and durability of their products, but also proves that fashion can be ecological and modern at the same time. This is also reflected in the slogan “more than organic”. In our online shop you can easily order your organic jeans for men from home.

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