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Organic dresses

Hardly any other item of clothing is as versatile as the dress. wunderwerk offers different cuts, enabling countless styling possibilities. The materials we use for our sustainable dresses are manufactured with raw materials from controlled organic cultivation. Our eco dresses are great for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding in spring, a baptism in autumn or the next New Year's Eve party. The organic dress is not only an all-rounder in terms of events and personal lifestyle, but it also knows no age limit. A loyal companion, that should not be missing in anyone’s wardrobe.

Eco dresses – short or long

The right choice for every season

The light, organic summer dress is a classic and the ideal outfit for the warm season. Flowing soft, comfortable fabrics such as the environmentally friendly lyocell (TENCEL ©) and organic silk, are comfortable even on hot summer days. When it gets cooler in the evening, an airy, sleeveless dress with spaghetti straps can be combined with a knitted cardigan or sweatshirt. The sustainably produced frocks from wunderwerk just create great styles on long summer days and mild evenings. A knee-length midi dress and our denim jacket from a resource-saving production combined with leggings can be worn into winter. Firmer fabrics such as poplin fabric, linen or fabric mixes made from organic cotton (kbA) and the purely plant-based fibre Modal, ensure a trendy appearance any time.

Eco-friendly dresses are timeless and flexible

Sustainable style for every occasion

If you want something more chic and elegant in addition to skirts, dresses are THE outfit that radiates seriousness and elegance. The next meeting can be held in style with a simple etui dress made from our mix of organic cotton (kbA) and Modal. Our fairly produced robe with a collar and a concealed button placket is also suitable for business. Somewhat more festive and perfect for evening events are our pieces made of transparent silk – with a slit on the side as a special eye-catcher. wunderwerk sources its silk solely from ethical silk farming.

In everyday life, comfortable clothes made of organic fabrics with a high level of comfort are ideal. That does not mean that the casual look can't be stylish. A wide, oversized dress from wunderwerk is unconventional and our denim dresses from resource-saving production create a cool leisure look. The feminine, playful flounce dress made of 100% TENCEL is great for a relaxing shopping trip. Our eco garments made of pure organic cotton create the perfect casual look for dinner with friends.

Versatile and fair

More than just fashion

wunderwerk places high standards on itself that go beyond the simple aspiration to create attractive fashion. wunderwerk places its focus on ecological and social responsibility; the core philosophy of the fair fashion label is sustainability. This goes hand in hand with a resource- and environmentally friendly, EU-based production with humane working conditions and the avoidance of animal suffering. Only raw materials from controlled organic cultivation (kbA) and controlled organic animal husbandry (kbT) are used, which are often certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). wunderwerk also rejects petroleum-based plastics. With this approach, the label not only achieves high quality and durability of the products, but also proves that fashion can be ecological and fashionable at the same time. This is reflected in the company's slogan “more than organic”.


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