Modal Edelweiss

The TENCEL ™ Modal used by wunderwerk comes exclusively from the particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly "Edelweiss technology process" from Lenzing in Austria.

Modal Edelweiss has a particularly soft feel, an elegant, silky sheen and a very nice flowing drape, is breathable and particularly crease-resistant. This fiber was presented in September 2011 at the Premiere Vision in Paris. wunderwerk immediately included the fiber in its first collection in 2012 and was the first clothing brand to use this particularly sustainable fiber.

For our wunderwerk jersey products, we combine the special properties of modal edelweiss fibers with our fine organic cotton. In Greece the fibers are spun and knitted into our extraordinary jersey in order to combine the advantages and wearing properties of both fibers. The result is our unique, extremely comfortable, easy-care jersey

TENCEL ™ Modal is made exclusively from 100% beech wood, which comes from local forests that comply with the respective forestry law and are managed sustainably. As a result, reforestation or plantations - as with other regenerated fibers - are not necessary. The pulp is produced in Austria, i.e. in the same place as the fiber itself, so resources are conserved and energy is saved. In addition, Modal Edelweiss manages with a fraction of the water requirement compared to cotton.

Modal edelweiss production is based on oxygen-based chemistry, so it does not require any environmentally harmful chlorine bleach and is also produced in a CO2-neutral manner. Over 95% of the production materials used are recovered and reused using an innovative environmental process. The substance is biodegradable. Modal Edelweiss is therefore much more environmentally friendly than conventional viscose or modal.

Modal Edelweiss is a vegan alternative to silk, for example, and is made from local beech wood. In connection with the most modern, sustainable dyeing techniques, wunderwerk creates unique favorite products with Modal-Edelweiss.

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